Ana's signature smoothie

  • - oat milk
  • - ice
  • - frozen blueberries
  • - half avocado
  • - half large soft date
  • - frozen coconut meat
  • - ashwagandha powder
  • - mucuna pruriens powder
  • + sometimes chocolate protein powder and cacao nibs if i want it choco

Tomato Corn Soup

I put a little oil and I simmer a spoon of flour and let it get golden slowly. I then pour a very nice tomato juice, serbian brands are better but I found an ok organic one in America too, when that starts to boil I add frozen sweet corn, season with salt.

When the corn boils (it's soft) I turn off the fire and chop a whole bunch of fresh dill and put in inside - stir and let it sit. Optionally I serve it topped with fresh black pepper or chilly flakes.

The sweetness of corn pairs so good with the acidity of tomato soup mmm. This is actually my sisters recipe that I copied and altered a little :)

Ana Kraš

  • - A signature dish of yours (incl. recipe)
    It's my signature smoothie and a Tomato corn soup
  • - A magazine you read regularly
    I don't read any magazines regularly, but the one I have the most copies of is Apartamento, they are my friends and I worked with them since the beginning
  • - A movie you recommend
    Time of the Gypsies - Emir Kusturica
  • - A book you recommend
    Yrsa Daley-Ward - The Terrible i liked a lot
  • - A restaurant you would like to share
    If you go to Belgrade go to Prolece or Vuk
  • - Your ideal way of relaxation?
    Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea
  • - Something you would like to change?
    President of the USA
  • - Something you would want to remain the same?
    Design of Kraš ice cube chocolate packaging

  • - A piece of music that is important to you?
    Uh, so much. I cant even try to answer this. Seriously I cant pick one - but for example Baby Bash discography I really love that man, GZA pro tools album, especially instrumentals

  • - A scientific fact you want to share
    Sorry, but women can do all that men can do, while bleeding

  • - Something that you would like to be a scientific fact
    That potatoes are super good and important nutrition packed foods

  • - A word that is dear to you
    Teget (navy blue in my language - was the favorite color of my dad and my mom and is mine too)
  • - Who should we interview next?
    Valentino Rossi