Garlic Rice

  • - two eggs beaten
  • - one fried
  • - five cloves mushed and chopped
  • - birds eye chili 3 chopped
  • - day old rice
  • - white pepper, cumin, salt, soy sauce, sesame oil and sugar.

Scramble the eggs in a pan on high heat with canola oil. Pour the eggs back into the bowl when curdled but still wet. In the pan fry up the garlic and chili until the garlic starts to brown. Add rice and stir until incorporated with garlic and fully reheated. Add soy sauce, white pepper and salt to taste. also a pinch of sugar. Add a teaspoon of sesame oil to finish. Serve with fried eggs scallion and some raw chili and a fried egg.

Baba Stiltz

  • - A book you recommend
    Surveys by Natasha Stagg

  • - A restaurant you would like to share
    China Corner @ St Eriksgatan Stockholm
  • - Your ideal way of relaxation?
    Cooking food, letting a record play from beginning to end on a turntable and having sex.

  • - Something you would like to change?
    Financial injustice

  • - Something you would want to remain the same?
    That people still play guitars and listen to guitars

  • - A piece of music that is important to you?
    Enta da Stage by Black Moon. One of the best pieces of music i know.

  • - A word that is dear to you
    The word “sick” is one of my fave words to use, I use it a lot i’m not super eloquent….
  • - Why Pop?
    Good pop , with integrity and purpose, is the best. the convergence of appeal and artistry is to me what pop should represent.
  • - What question would you like us to answer?
    What is your favourite francis bacon pic?
  • - Who should we interview next?
    Samo DJ or Zoltan Trifunovics or Natasha Stagg.