For the PP souvenir edition we are travelling the planet, picking up souvenirs from Hokkaido (Japan), Roma (Italy), Rhyolite (USA), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) & Cobá (Mexico).

When travelling to these countries we are borrowing from their culture. We get inspired, we gather information, try to learn about and pay homage to something we feel is interesting and fascinating. We always try to be respectful. We combine the things that we find with ideas of our own. On many occasions the travel does not have to be of physical nature, it has a lot to do with research and always involves a longing to actually visit places we did not have the chance to be at yet.

Since we are growing as a brand, we become more and more aware of our impact whether it is environmental, social or ethical.

The aim is to do things right and help where we can.

For the “Souvenir Edition” we wanted to give something back to the countries and their inhabitants especially those in need.

Therefore we have chosen one charity foundation in each of the countries that served as a setting for our designs (travels). By purchasing the shirts you will automatically donate 10% of the revenues we make from the sale. We do encourage you to check out the charities and donate directly if you have the means. Find out more about the charities we chose on the left.